wet salad days revisited……with the turk

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-Jai and i made a pact this week. every week we are gettin together to re-live the good ol days.the B.M.C. times. no responsibilities, no cars, wifes, kids,video parts or ad deadlines. just good old fashion good times like we use to have years ago. BEERS,BOARDS,BIKES…and what ever else we find along the way. here are a few clips from our derelict mission last tuesday. enjoy!


this is how i started my mission. loaded down with skateboard action.

when i got to jais we went straigt to the store. spent all the money i had…in change on a couple tall cans. i love livin trife! you really appreciate the small things..like a single tall can of highlife! off to the roosevelt skatepark.
mad loot!
some how i managed to forget to shoot any flicks from the park. to busy skatin and talkin shit ya know. i did manage to sell a board and wheels (sorry john, i’m a broke as fool) HELL YA JAI! we gots money to play with…you know where we went…..
next we took our brews over to the 16th st. house for a little Q.P. sesh…….i get all hella vericle.jai_brockblog.jpg
ooops. party fowl….i spilled a little……
next stop….
yo….me and the big bopper. big bias. yall remember the Odd Numbers!
the Sharks are kickin ass this year…..watched the game. Sharks win 5-2 against Boston. heeeell ya!baisas_wenie_blog.jpg
one mo please…..
we are outta here…till the next derelict day with jai…..
@stonedspork Double Double! Filmed by @lucero_rip @blacklabelskates
@patrick_ryan Getting Loose in a tight spot. Photo by @brycekanights @blacklabelskates