Tuesday 25 with Peter Watkins

Here is a quick interview with Pete from Skateboarder Magazine.

Frontside 5-0 Through the Corner
Photo: Garric Ray

1. Go-to-trick:
Maybe a powerslide if i’m lucky. I fall a lot.

2. Warm up spot: 
Slappy curb & some good flatground

3. John Lucero memory:
On a Back in Black premier trip in Portland, Lucero, Mumford & myself had just landed & were in search of a bar. We were waiting for Chet to show up & were all pretty unfamiliar with the area. We stopped by a pizza joint & asked were we could get some beverages, they told us to head two blocks down the street. Stark St… . John ordered a margerita & Matt made a joke about the photo’s on the wall (all half nude men). After a quick sip & a brief look around John light heartedly stated, “Uh, think this is a dude bar.” We finished our drinks on the patio noticing the name of the place was Starky’s.  I’m sure the pizza shop employees had a good laugh about that one.

4. Funniest Luda Crooks Quote: 
Holy shit there’re a million. Maybe, “You don’t wanna get beat up on your day off”, or “Yo lemme get an Enci-latte with extra mark”. Encinitas is the town I live in right now, it’s a butthole yuppy surf town & LUDA appropriately calls it that. He fucking rules.

5. Thing to do when not skating: 

6. Video part of all time: 
Donny Barley in Welcome to Hell or Cairo Foster in The Reason.

7. non-skate, non-porn website: 

8. Band all-time:
Devo or The Modern Lovers

9. Guilty pleasure: 
Cigs, booze, that Gotye song.

10. Recent video part:
Brandon Westgate, Stay Gold plus all the extras.

11. Movie quote: 
Happy Gilmore, “No it just looks that way because you’re only wearing one shoe.”

12. Skate photo: 
Any Gonz invert. Preferably frontside

13. Thing about Oceanside, CA:
I grew up there, my parents live there, two new good parks. Jay Thorpe knows if you’re from there.

14. Way to spend your money: 

15. Thing to get for free:
Drinks at a bar.

16. Board graphic:
Blockhead, Nothing’s Cool. I think it was a board. if not it was the world’s best t-shirt.

17. Movie: 
The Machinist

18. Best camping destination:
Oregon, all of it.

19. Partner in crime:
Nicholas James Musso, my girlfriend, Mumford.

20. Book:

21. Question to be asked at a demo:
Who are you?

22. Favorite Black Label trip:
Chet, Mumford, Alfaro, Surriken, Adams, Partenen, Rhino, Lee Dawg & Conklin. Two weeks to Austin & back.

23. Pro when you were a kid:
Donny Barley

24. Famous female/actress: 
My girlfriend

25. Thing about skateboarding: 
If you’re not smiling, don’t do it.

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@omarhassan Madonna Smack Down! Photo @deandradephoto @blacklabelskates
@stonedspork Double Decker Nose Grind for the Juice🍊 @ojwheels @blacklabelskates Photo by @instapizzle