Things got weird…

Real weird.  Have your ever seen a tre flip like this before?

How bout floating popcorn?

Guess who we bumped into?


Why its crazy tre flippin Chris Troy!


We had some outstanding runways goin… those werent weird at all.


Peters hand turned into a grasshopper.  Thats actually normal.


P-Stone not drinking a beer.  Very weird.


Watkins earned himself a free twelve pack… I heard he later made all the beer disappear leaving nothing but the cans… hows that for weird?


Pink tail.  Those scratches arent weird.


Normal place to get gum on your shoe.  Why do i feel like i put this photo up already? Weird.

🖤Grosso Forever🔥1-15-2021 Photo by @jgrantbrittain
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Skate, Film, Shoot, Eat, Sleep and Repeat! @ryanmaddox Photo by @jeraries @blacklabelskates Flower Power🌸🚬