sml wheels

Javan Campello full birthday part!

sml Wheels just released a suprise 3 1/2 minute part for Javan Campello’s 21st birthday!!!

Javan at Garvanza park

Some more Javan Campello with the sml crew! This time at the Garvanza park in Los Angeles, Ca.

Javan Campello in sml Wheels “End of the Beginning”

Javan has a lot going on in this new edit from sml Wheels “The End of the Beginning”.

Javan for sml

Javan Campello throws himself down a hefty bay area set of stairs for Sml. Wheels. Wonder boy Austyn Gillete makes a cameo as well.

Javan sml Wheels ad


@patrick_ryan Love Seat Smith. Photo @chrisclicksdigital @blacklabelskates
🔥Heavy Acid Drop! @stonedspork @blacklabelskates
@snakereuter Front Blunt. @blacklabelskates Photo