Shuriken Shannon

Black Label 25 Years | Shuriken Shannon | God Save the Label

This year marks Black Label Skateboards 25th year! To celebrate we will be re-releasing some of our favorite parts from our past videos. This week we are showing Shuriken Shannon's part from our fourth full length video "God Save the Label" released in 2009.

Shuriken Firing Line

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A nice day and a no-bust schoolyard gives Shuriken time and space to stitch together a good line.


On this episode of Quick Three from : Shuriken Shannon gives you three reasons why you need to go to the SK8MAFIA premiere in LA this friday.

Shuriken & Raffo – Five Sequences

Rhino showing some Label love with a sequence from Shuriken and Raffin in today’s Friday’s “5 Sequences” from Thrasher Magazine.

A Day With Ben Skrzypek Video

Featuring Ben Skrzypek, Adrian Mcelhaney, Marius Syvanen, Eliot Greenwald, Paul Sewell, Shuriken Shannon & Kyle Leeper. Brought to you by the one and only (usually naked) Russell Houghten

@mals_dont_surf 🔥Hawaiian Tail Grab! Photo by @makoozaki @blacklabelskates
🔥Speed and Style. @cowboywithlazerbeams Photo by @mrzzz @blacklabelskates