Nick Peterson

Nick Peterson & Kevin Kowalski in Dusted

Black label ripper Nick Peterson and his pal Kevin Kowalski share a part in the new video Dusted. You can now see their part live thanks to The Skateboard Mag.

Tigard, Oregon’s Nick Peterson went on many a pool mission to get these clips—with a board as wide as it is long, and a nose that is virtually nonexistent. If you’re wondering about the benefits of skating big pig shapes, Nick has his reasons. Basically—wait for it—they’re fun. “Made me want to appreciate the small things,” Nick says. No pun intended.

Nick Peterson in words

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There are so many shredders coming out of the Northwest these days because of the abundance of skatepark terrain that was built throughout the last decade. Even with the harsh wet winters these kids just keep progressing at a staggering rate. Nick Peterson is one of those that grew up on Oregon’s Dreamland-built concrete and it shows in his adaptability to any concrete that he puts his wheels down on. 

This winter Nick spent a lot of time in Southern California skating the parks, ramps and backyard pools and logged an extensive amount of footage and even got a new board sponsor: Black Label Skates. Here are some photos and a short interview with Nick to get you hyped for his mind-blowing video part.—DS

New Black Label ripper Nick Peterson has a short interview over at The Skateboard Mag.

@mals_dont_surf 🔥Hawaiian Tail Grab! Photo by @makoozaki @blacklabelskates
🔥Speed and Style. @cowboywithlazerbeams Photo by @mrzzz @blacklabelskates