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Who doesn’t love John Lucero? If he’s not already, the man should be on every skater’s list of all-time favorites. Lucero came up during the early ’80s professional skateboarding ranks riding for companies such as Variflex, Madrid, and Schmitt Stix. Although known as a vert skater, John was also an early street pioneer who helped popularize “streetstyle” skating and also invented the slappy. Yes, the funnest skateboarding trick of all-time. He gave that to us. Thank you, John. He and Lance Mountain go back and forth with who actually invented it, but we’ll just go with John. He definitely named it, so he gets to claim it. Lucero, always being creative and a really good artist who drew all of his graphics, eventually launched his own brand, Lucero Ltd., in 1988 to do things his way. John didn’t like having his name being the center of attention of the company, so in 1990 he changed it to Black Label. As Jeff Grosso puts it, “The rest is beer-stained floors, piss-stain couches, and history.” That’s been his home ever since, and the list of skaters that he’s sponsored over the years are some of the biggest names in skateboarding, including John Cardiel, Gino Iannucci, Jason Dill, Jeff Grosso, Duane Peters, and many, many more. But the list of skaters that John has influenced and turned on to skating is countless. John’s longevity is one of the reasons that sets him apart from most, and the fact that he’s been promoting skateboarding his way for over 30 years with the timeless punk rock DIY attitude that embodies true skateboarding is the other reason. It doesn’t look like John’s stopping anytime soon. That’s why we’re proud to give this year’s Legend Award to Mr. John Lucero.—Jaime Owens

“My knees are ruined. My back is blown out. I have a hard time walking. I’m going to have a hard time getting up out of this chair in a second, and it’s all because of skateboarding. And it feels so good. It feels so good to know that you’re a skateboarder and that’s it.”—John Lucero

Check out John’s intro by Lance Mountain, Jeff Grosso, and Hagop Najarian and his acceptance speech at the TWSAwards.


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