Kyle Leeper

Close but no cigar

Every once in a while we come up with a clever idea and find out someone else already had it.


I was hyped on this idea…


…so was 5Boro.


We didn’t finish this one…


…but DGK did.


No way somebody came up with this before us…


…we got DGK’d again! Maybe we should just submit and design a board for Stevie Williams.

Free lunch Kyle Leeper

Where is Leeper & Omar?

There in Canada eh! Keep up with them and the rest of the Quiksilver team on they’re blog.

Skrzypek Neighborhoods

Sha-Pek gets down in his hood. Special guest appearance by Kyle Leeper!

Last Call Kyle Leeper


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@patrick_ryan 🔥Losi Action! Photo @chrisclicksdigital @blacklabelskates
🔥Vince DelValle, Backside Boneless off the diving board, while Mumma goes full Hippie Burnout! This Great photo was shot, by The Great Joe Hammeke🖤 @ham_n_cheese @instavinnie @cowboywithlazerbeams  Phoenix Am Flashback @blacklabelskates