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Lost Highway with Jason Adams



Southern Bound……………
All words by Jason Adams
It’s always nice to hit the road. Most people hate to drive. Specially long stretches. From what I hear some have even more hatred towards the void zone of the I-5. Not me. I love it. I have done it so many times there is a comfort and familiarity to it  that relaxes me every time. The rambling fever I have some what learned to suppress is sparked and the world some how seems a bit brighter in that moment.
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wet salad days revisited……with the turk

This is a post from Jason’s blog. Check it out at jasonadamslh.com

-Jai and i made a pact this week. every week we are gettin together to re-live the good ol days.the B.M.C. times. no responsibilities, no cars, wifes, kids,video parts or ad deadlines. just good old fashion good times like we use to have years ago. BEERS,BOARDS,BIKES…and what ever else we find along the way. here are a few clips from our derelict mission last tuesday. enjoy!


this is how i started my mission. loaded down with skateboard action.

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@patrick_ryan 🔥Losi Action! Photo @chrisclicksdigital @blacklabelskates
🔥Vince DelValle, Backside Boneless off the diving board, while Mumma goes full Hippie Burnout! This Great photo was shot, by The Great Joe Hammeke🖤 @ham_n_cheese @instavinnie @cowboywithlazerbeams  Phoenix Am Flashback @blacklabelskates