so cal…..aaahhh lagerton.


Went down south a few weeks ago…..been laggin on the blog cuz i’ve been tryin to hustle some dough! So here is the post. Went down to Hensey’s Pub in Carlsbad to pick up me art. Had lunch with my boy Russ Pope. headed up to venture behind the orange curtain (orange county) to hang with Lucero and hit up the Ambiguous open house party. Most of my time was spent in L.A. stayin with the salty dog ( salman agah) most of my time was spent in the car or drinking beer. I think 3/4 of my awake life is spent in that situation……..oh well i ain’t complainin.


the salty dog handles biz! like serious!


i can handle biz too yo!


you heard of wedsdays with reda right? well heres monday mornin coffee with reda.


traded reda a strummer portrait for a horold hunter book!


when i made it safe behind the orange curtain i went straight to the bar. Lucero met me there. BEER VISION!


when i was at the Label. john was goin through his board collection……all the collector freaks would go ape shit over some of this stuff.


hand drawn and painted sample of Luceros first board. i think he said he made 5 of em? pretty cool!


no joke!!!


so at the Ambiguous party they had and artsy showing of ping pong paddles? pretty random right? here are a few. up top Russ Pope.


these were my favorite. Porus Walker…i think?


shuu! the bird never gets old!


asshole self promoter.


so i was supposed to do somethin at the berricks. first there was no reda. then there was reda and no filmer. oh well, i went to the MOCA instead. i really dig Rouschenburg.


another favorite….. Warhol.


one last trip to the pub down stairs from salty’s loft. mmmmmm this combo will be the death of me. i’m out!

@stonedspork Double Double! Filmed by @lucero_rip @blacklabelskates
@patrick_ryan Getting Loose in a tight spot. Photo by @brycekanights @blacklabelskates