Pawnshop Demo photos

Black Label held a demo and autograph signing at The Pawnshop Skate Co. in Covina, Ca. Check out the photos! Photos: Brendan Klein

It was a nice day in Covina

Lucero, Nagy, Chris Troy and the rest of the Label crew roll into town

Watkins and Luda

Crooks getting jiggy

Shuriken getting hydrated

John rocking

Thanks for the burgers

You looking at us?

John Lucero and Cameron Lucero (no relation we think)

Thug Life




Javan is all smiles

Can’t wait!

Lacey Baker even wanted a signature

Baby tee

Getting ready…

Chet lines up the kids for the “Crooks Product Race”


Donovan Piscapo and One in a Million John Fitzgerald sighting

You’re always hyped when you get a free deck!

The video will be up soon!

Special thanks to The Pawnshop Skate Co. We had a great time! Never Forget.

🔥🧨🚬 @stonedspork Filmed by @instapizzle @blacklabelskates
@stonedspork Double Double! Filmed by @lucero_rip @blacklabelskates