Omar Hassan week day 1

With skateboarding in a good place where most kids have the terrain and ability to skate everything we tip our hat to one of the original ATVs who has been with Vans for over two decades. Welcome to Omar Hassan Week on the Vans site. Day 1 shares blasts from the past with some of Omar’s interviews over the last 2+ decades. Brush up on your knowledge of Omar and check back tomorrow for an exclusive interview where Omar tells some Gonz stories, challenges Jereme Rogers to a rap battle and inform us all how he got the name Omar when his brothers are named Lauren and Jason.

🖤Grosso Forever🔥1-15-2021 Photo by @jgrantbrittain
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Skate, Film, Shoot, Eat, Sleep and Repeat! @ryanmaddox Photo by @jeraries @blacklabelskates Flower Power🌸🚬