Last Call with Vince Del Valle


1. Talking about skateboarding is boring. Lets talk about the ladies. Lets hear about your worst experience EVER with a girl. Don’t be shy.
Ha, well there’s a bad one, cant tell you about it though, not here.. but I was in japan once, at an Adidas party getting loaded, smoked a bunch of hash and drank all night. before the night was over i was making out with this asian girl and her friend, we were taking pictures and all this stuff, i ended up breaking my friends camera, it was knocked off the table we were sitting at. so i had to get out of there, i was having a good time didn’t want to kill my buzz. one of our tour guides came up to me and asked if i wanted to get a ride back to the room with this girl. her friend had to go, but this one was down. Asian chicks cant kiss for shit, but they moan thats for sure. anyway we got to the hotel in Tokyo and and we was goin’ at it, after about a half hour started to get the spins, and well, that was that i had to call it quits on this crazy moaning asian girl. but it made for a nice end to my japan trip.

2. Your from Washington state. What is there to do for fun besides get drunk, have meth labs and reproduce?

Damn, you make it sound scary up here, but its not, its so chill! besides all of that you can sight see. there are tons of trees everywhere, if you drove a half hour west your in the national forest, drive west and you have the Puget Sound, a huge body of water filled with islands, whales too. you can take ferries across to the islands if you want, there are skate parks and spots there. Washington has a huge variety of good food, tons of asian eateries, Mediterranean food shit like that. when its not raining you can do anything you want, tons of spots around, food, tourist type things to do as well. I’m from San Diego, and it sucks down there, its a desert. I love it up here, its the most beautiful state in this country, no doubt.

3. Give us one gnarly story from a European Adidas trip.

Ive only been to Europe once so far. it was an Adidas trip, we started out in Sweden, pulled a chick there it was tight! next we flew to Germany and skated a ton of shit, ate kebabs everyday. then we drove into Poland and visited a few different cities. crossing the border was crazy, you sit in tons of traffic, then get to the border, your going into a 3rd world country where you don’t speak the language what so ever. it was a cool experience, we drove a couple hours through the rain through patches of woods and fields. we saw hookers just standing there in the middle of no where on a pull- off in the woods all alone. you could see a filthy mattress laying in the woods behind them, where they bone. so sick! when we got to the city Warsaw, you can see bullet holes in buildings from giant machine guns from the war. old cobble stone roads and not many spots there. it was ok, I’m never going back.


4. What is fun for you to do besides ride your skateboard?

I like being with my friends, just hang out, do what ever, climb trees in the woods, swim in lakes and rivers, ill go up snowboarding in the winter. I go up with my dad, he kills it on a snowboard, I have yet to beat him in a race. Or ill jam out with my dad, or friends. pops plays the drums, I

play the guitar, I suck at it.

5. How did you get on Black label?

I met Alf, who introduced me to John, who introduced me to skateboards! and i think Raffin had my back too, thanks dude. i don’t know how it happened? after i knew who John Lucero was, my old team manager Bryce Kanights introduced me again to john, only this time he sent me a

box, i was so stoked that i told crimson that i wanted to ride for label, and it all worked out.


6. You come to San Jose quite frequently, which is super awesome. What is your favorite thing about the state’s greatest city?

San Jose is sick, I haven’t gone out to the bars yet, but Raffo lives there and a bunch of really cool people who I’ve gotten to know there. its hard not to enjoy myself anytime in there!

7. Skateboard videos are fun and horrid all at the same time. What is a good video that you have seen this year?

so far i think the slave video was the best this year, it was simple and dudes killed it! people tell me there stoked on our video too, that’s because we didn’t fuck it up with shitty editing. Go Nagy

8. John Lucero likes to have a good time. Do you think you can drink him under the table? Or beat him in a hamburger eating contest?

John can rage, there is no way i could ever beat him at drinking or hamburgers. he makes some pretty good hamburgers though!

9. Is it tough to be an am and not living in California?

I’d say, Yes. if i stayed up here and never left it would be impossible. i want to move back sort of? i don’t quite have the funds to do that. no filmers, no photographers, no smooth California side walks.

10. Finally, what’s the biggest chick you have ever blazed out?  People want to know! I heard some stories…..

fuck this question, there’s only been one, and she wasn’t that big man..

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