Last Call-Peter Raffin


1.How did you get on the Label?

I met John (Lucero) at an ASR tradeshow. A month later Bob at Circle A told me to call him so I did and that’s that. Label for life!

2. San Jose is one of the best places ever. Who do you hang out with and skate with?

I hang with the SNK crew.


3. Give us one amazing Richard Devera story.

Dude, there are so many good ones to hard think of one. Thanks Richard for your help…

4. You grew up in Downtown San Jose. What is the craziest shit you ever seen go down?

I went to a skate jam at the horseshoe park, there was a punk show going on at the same time. Some gangsta started some shit with a punk rocker and the shit hit the fan!  All these ganstas and punk rockers were fucking each other up full on riot style! It was fucked.


5. You just got on Osiris. How did that come about?

My man Shuriken hooked that one up.


6. Tell everyone what a bar “trog” is, and what is the gnarliest bar trog you have ever seen go home with one of the homies?

Haha! When a chick is always at the bar, they only come out at night and they’re busted. When you’re drunk and dumb they are always there. The other night my friend Jonathan got taken home by this trog. That’s what trogs do, they take you.

7. Talking shit is fun. What happened when you quit that other board company?

Airforce one?… Come on man! I’m passed that shit and I’m over it.


8.who would win in a Tequila drinking contest….Lucero or Gerry Juan?

That would be a fucking awesome match to watch!


9. What is the difference between Northern and Southern California according to you?

Nothern Cali is hella cool!

10. And last, who is the worst dude in San Jose? Be honest!

Jeeter (Peter’s drunken alter ego)


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