Last Call Kyle Leeper


1. You turned pro for Black Label. It seemed like a strange fit at the time, but now it would not be the same without you. How did you get on Black Label?

Well shit lets see, I just came out with a TWS vid part and it seemed like people were stoked on it. I had gotten a few calls from companies and I was actually meeting with another company the first time Label called. Russ pope was the team manager then. I really liked him. He was cool, he got me stoked on the program. I was going to Spain and they gave me boards to try out. I liked them and it seemed like the best deal for me at the time. I think it did seem like a strange fit at the time, but Lucero was cool and wanted to work with me. He was willing to give me what I wanted and would let me do my own thing so that sounded good and he wanted to give me a board and pay me so that also sounded good, thanks John!

2. You had your first pro model shoe come out this year on Etnies, “The Perro”. How does that shit work? How much of a say do you have in the final product?

Dude it was actually hard for me just because I didn’t have any experience in that field. I had been wearing slip ons for the last year so I just wanted to do something like that, but the slip on phase was phasing out and they didn’t think it was a good idea so I gave them a shoe I liked and they based it on that.  It was an Etnies plus shoe. My shoe came out pretty cool… I’ve been wearing it for like a year now. It works pretty good and lasts. I’ve always liked basic mellow shoes so I just wanted to do somethig like that.
3. You have traveled all over the world with all types of people. Who is the best dude to travel with?

Well I don’t know. I get along with everybody but I’ll say Stefan. I haven’t traveled with him for a while though. We use to ride for the same companies so we would go on trips, but not so much now. We use to do a trip once a year to Spain with some homies. Its been a while but I heard something about trying to make that happen again this year. We’re into a lot of the same shit so it works out ya know?


4.  Tell me one awesome story about Jose Rojo. The more embarrassing, the better!

Jose is the shit! I’ve been meaning to call him. I’m stoked he’s on Etnies! I can’t think of any funny stories right now but I do have some funny photos of him that I want to give to Enjoi to see if they want to use them for an ad or something.


5. You seem like a pretty mellow dude who does not like to skate with 20 carloads of dudes. Who do you normally skate with when you’re at home?

Well I like to go skate flat ground at the beach by myself sometimes. I try and do that a couple times a week but that doesn’t always work out. Lately been skating with Gallant a bit, he’s been killing it! It’s a treat to see him skate every day. I’m not sure if people realize how good he is. If you get a chance to see him skate you’ll be tripping dawg! I skate with Chaney sometimes I guess a lot of people from expedition because they all live down here and their my friends its crazy how many skaters there r down here and so few spots and if I go film its usually just me and Jon Holland and that’s it I like it like that or sometimes film with Lee Dupont but he’s fucken’ crazy though just kidding but not really.

6. With “God save the Label” being a rap, what are you filming for now? Is Etnies making a video? All hi-def and shit?

Well I’m not sure. I don’t really no what I’m doing. I’m not really working on anything but that doesn’t mean I’m not filming. I like filming when I’m not working on something cause there is no pressure. I film untill something comes up and then I’ll already have a head start on the project I guess if that makes any sense but it’s weird cause I’m not sure if I should film in HD or SD because everybody does their vids different. I know Quiksilver has been talking about doing something I’ve heard some ideas and it sounds amazing I thing there just trying to figure out the budget and shit like that. Hopefully that comes together soon. It will be cool we have a killer team bra!

7. Who is the worst team manager you have ever had? Ha-ha. Tell us why he was such a douche?

Fucken’ I don’t know… I’m not going to speak on this one.


8. How do you feel about the state of skateboarding now? How it is all blown out so to speak? Better or worse?

I don’t know I sometimes don’t pay that close attention to what’s going on, but it does seem a bit craze at times. Everybody is amazing at skating these days you know? I still get stoked on seeing new creative shit, and style is still the most important thing I guess. I don t know, I think I’m over these questions now.

9. You just came back from a Quiksilver trip to Israel. How was it? Where did you guys go?

It was crazy, we got held hostage with guns to our face the whole time! We didn’t even get to skate once. It was crazy don’t go there… just kidding it was awesome beautiful place and everybody was really nice. Good food and skate spots. Thanks Reese and O’Meally for making that possible.

10.  Who do you think would win a spelling contest? Peter Raffin or Corky from “Life Goes on?”


@patrick_ryan Getting Loose in a tight spot. Photo by @brycekanights @blacklabelskates
Snap! @snakereuter filmed by @mrzzz
🔥🧨🚬Ghost Ride and Slide! @omarhassan Filmed by @deandradephoto