Last Call – Jason Adams

Last-Call-Jason-Adams1. You’re from San Jose, California. It has bred some amazing skaters over the years. Who did you look up to when you were a kid just starting skating?

Hmmm well right when I started I loved all the big names at the time. Hosoi, the whole Powell Peralta team, especially Cab, Mountain and Tommy G. plus the whole Santa Cruz team too, The Gonz, and Blender. As I got a little older I started seeing what was going down locally. All those cats in the SJ scene at the time had a huge impact on me as well. Corey O’Brian, Mike Prosenko, JJ Rogers, Todd prince, Ross Goodman….still the whole Santa Cruz team, I loved Tom Knox and Eric D. They were huge in SJ. They were punk too! And in town a lot! It was a great time and place to come of age on a skateboard.

2. What sets San Jose apart from the rest of the “skateboarding industry”?

The huge brick wall that surrounds the city….the city of mud…….and blood….and beer!

3. How did you start getting into art?

Trying to make crappy board graphics, making flyers, t-shirts, and that kind of shit. Just that punk rock D.I.Y. sort of thing. Who cares if you suck! Just do it! Make it work!!! It just kinda spread from there.

4. You grew up with an amazing dude named “Crazy” Eddie Nemeth. Please give us one amazing story about Edna.

Well I have a million. Most aren’t appropriate for adult ears. (ha, ha, ha!) I think this is my fav though. Years ago Bryce Knights is in town shooting photos for a SJ article in Thrasher. There is a big crew of heavies out skating like Salman Agah, Cab, Shawn Mandoli, Ed Devera, Spencer Fujimoto, and maybe a few others?? I hadn’t seen Eddie in weeks. (I found out later he’s had a little substance problem and that’s why he would disappear for weeks at a time.) Anyway, we are all at this big rail huge for the time. (Cabana Club Rail) this was like 1992 so 14 stairs was outta hand. We’re all staring at the rail thinking man this would be rad if some one would hit it! Salman and Eddie had cave man slide it before but that’s it. No one had even attempted to ollie to the thing. So were all staring it down, not doing shit, being pussies. From the distance I see some one skating up, and I think man,….that looks like Ed! Sure enough, here rolls up Ed looking thrashed. He says what’s up guys? What are you doing?? We respond yo, were just checking this rail seeing if someone might want to slide it, it would be nuts!! So Ed nods his head a bit and starts walking up the stairs and up the run up. Next thing you know here comes Ed flying towards the rail! Everyone is scrambling to get out of his way. No hesitation, first go he ollies up on the thing slides all the way down falls of at the end. We all start going nuts! He just put us all to shame! He instantly goes back up the stairs. Bryce is scrambling now to set up. There was no are you ready yet or let me check the angle bullshit like nowadays. Ed wasn’t even thinking of photos. So yeah, he goes back up turns around and comes flying back at the rail. Ollie, slide, land! Perfect! Then that mother fucker just waves and starts skating off. It was insane!  We’re just left looking at each other like what in the hell just happened? That was some real hardcore skate shit! I found out years later from Ed that he had been up for a week all strung out. He was just hyped to see all of his skate bros and just felt like busting at that moment!! Soooo rad!!

5. Who initially first hooked you up in terms of sponsorship?

Greg Carroll, Venture. Actually Simon Woodstock and Winchester skate shop.

6. What was the best thing about riding for Enjoi?

Just being in the presence of the Asian Elvis, Eversole’s angry pissed off e-mails, drinking with Louie…..watching Caswell’s eating habits. The money wasn’t bad either.


7. What do you think about how skateboarding is nowadays? With Youtube, message boards, and all that other shit?

Well everything must change and evolve. I like the idea that if I want I can put out a video part my way and thousands of people will see it. On the other hand……not to sound like an old fart….but, it was awesome growing up and even being a part of sponsored / pro skating without the whole video madness. I’m not really saying one is better than the other. It’s a personal opinion. There was this skateboarding folklore kinda thing going on. Like oh, I heard so and so did this on that or, I heard Cab was here the other day and did this?! So you had to imagine it or hope you just might be able to see it going down next time. I think it made things seem grander and more unreal! It’s kinda like reading the book rather than watching the movie sort of thing,
but its not just skateboarding. It’s the modern age. We’re all spoiled. We have access to so much at any time…’s maddening if you ask me.

8. Tell us about

It’s my web site. Its mainly art based. I just wanted to give it a name or brand the art?? Not sure why. Just wanted to. But yeah, its my site. Haven’t built it up the way I want to yet. Hopefully 2010.

9. You have been in quite a few art shows as of late. When is the next Jason Adams art show?

As of now the only show I have on the calendar is Sept. 2010 at the Slingluf Gallery in Philly.


10. Finally, you have been pro for quite some time and you have amassed quite an amazing career. When was the time in your career so far when you can look back and go “man, that was one of the best periods of my life?”

They’re two times. First was in the beginning. 92-93 I was outta school, makin a couple of bucks. Everything was brand new. Just skate, party, punk shows and youth! It was amazing. Then I turned into a pile. Then around 2000 I started busting my ass and actually made a little place for myself, supporting a family skating at that time was awesome too.

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