Last Call – Chet Childress


1. Everybody is a fucking artist nowadays. Everybody has art shows, everybody is doing group shows, what have you. What separates you from the rest of the skartists out there?

Look at me fool and read the madness of art! I don’t consider myself an artist, more like a bum with time on my hands to create garbage referred to as art. This guy named jimmy down at the deli by my house is an artist the way he makes a sandwich by applying the proper amount of ingredients. Plus he has an art show five days a week fool. Probably gets a lot of chicks too.

2. Why in the fuck do you refer to yourself in the 3rd person always?

The world we live in bores the fuck out of me. I have an imagination. For the record it’s adul skoorc now. Luda crooks spelled switch stance.

3. How did you meet Jason Adams and the Turk?

Tim Brauch.


4. You live in Portland. It rains a lot. But, they do have tons of strip bars and other after school activities to do. What do you do when it’s raining and you are not skating?

I fuck, spoon, eat, drink, surf, tag, read, write, draw, bike, skate, and observe the madness around me.


5. You’re originally from North Carolina and so is Kenny Hughes. Give us an awesome story about Kenny when you guys were kids.

I watched Kenny beat up a 45 year old man in front of a go-go mart for dropping the  “N” bomb on him. Have you ever seen the size of his fist? Don’t end up in the path of those things fools.


6. You ride for Nike and they obviously have tons of fucking money. When the Nike video came out and you guys did a tour to promote it, is it true you fuckers were on private jets with beer on tap?

I have witnessed the best and worst things traveling the world. All of them good. What happens on the road stays on the road.


7. You have rode for the Label for quite some time and have seen many riders come and go. Who was the worst douche on Label and tell us why.

Everyone does there own thing, so I’m not going to hate. Everyone who has ridden for the Label has contributed to the brand in some kind of way. adul skoorc is not looking for enemies today.


8. What is the largest women you have ever stuck your thingy in? And do you have a photo? Fat chicks need love too! Plus they always live by themselves and they feed you and shit.



9.Rumor is your working on a new Nike project. Can you give us any insight as to what it is?

Yeah, it’s a video with Jason Hernandez, Jon Humphries, and 7 guys on the team. Should be cool. We have a year to film for it. I’m really happy about being on the road again. After the recession hit and the Label video came out, I got stuck at home for a while. I lost my fucking marbles. So at this point I’ll go anywhere. Van life is the shit. As for the video, my prediction is that Grant Taylor is going to shut this thing down. Nobody skates like Grant. That fool is bad.


10.  Who would win a pile out contest, you or J.J. Rogers?

J.J. Rogers for sure. I’ll party with best and the worst but J.J. is a beast. Add Todd Prince to the picture and those guys could take on the world.


Yo, I want to thank the people that keep the power on at my house: Nike SB, Black Label, OJ wheels, Independent trucks, hardware, Stumptown coffee, and all the skate shops out there hustling product to keep skating alive during these dark times. Plus all the mags, all the homies, and all the haters. Peace out . . .I’m out.

Here is a little video treat from the bonus section of Thrasher’s Beer Helmet.

🔥🧨🚬 @stonedspork Filmed by @instapizzle @blacklabelskates
@stonedspork Double Double! Filmed by @lucero_rip @blacklabelskates