Last Call Ben Skrzypek


1. What’s up with your last name? Where did all those consonants originate?

It’s all about the Polish nation. But to tell you the truth I don’t know where they came up with that shit either. I’m feeling it though, it’s all in the family tree.

2. You have lived in Spain for a while in the past, and you make it out there at least once a year. Why Spain?

I moved there for a year when I was 15 years old. I just met tons of good people who became like family to me. Its different over there, people are really warm and open. I try to go back every year to skate and just chill with my duns. The homies Borja and Pablo from Welcome Skateboarding shop have a cool skate park that’s tight. Me and my friends Pixtu and Alva always travel around Spain and France in their big red van. It’s just fun. Spain is like a second home to me.


3. You’re from the same town as Rob Welsh (Portland, Maine). What do you miss about New England?

PORTLAND MAINE BABY! I love New England. I miss the seasons, trees, and architecture. It’s just a whole different vibe. And in Maine they have woopie pies son.

4. You have been on Label for almost a year. How did that come about seeing as you were relatively unknown?

I could get in to detail, but long story short is my man Shuriken put in the good word and introduced me to john and some of the team and it worked out. I know I had a few other friends backing me, which helped for sure as well. I’m just hyped to be a part of it all.


5. Your video part in “God Save the Label” is one of my favorites in the video. People always pigeon hole Label riders as “slasher pool dudes” and you could not be further from that stereo type. How do you feel about that?

It’s all good. Skateboarding is skateboarding, and you just haven’t seen my layback grinds yet. Hahaha But for the record the squad is pretty diverse.

6. You have been with your girlfriend for 6 years. That’s longer than almost anyone I know in relationships! How did you figure out the secret to happiness at such a young age?

Shit I don’t know about all that…. But my girl Jessica is a good one. But just like all relationships there are ups and downs. But when all else fails…Jah rasta fari solaci I da tird be the tird boy.

7. Give us a good Shuriken story.

When I first moved out to California Shuriken stayed on my couch for a while. On the night of the pig wood video premiere we threw a little pre-premiere barbecue celebration in his honor. All the homies came through and everyone was all hyped. So hyped that when we left to watch Shuriken’s video part nobody turned off the grill. Our whole back deck burned down and the house nearly went down with it while we were all watching Shuriken do inward heelflip manuals. So basically Shuriken burned down my house. haha just playing. I think my old roommate tackled Shuriken through his bedroom window once as well.


8. Since we are on a roll, give us a gnar Spain story. Its ok, it can be X rated.

There are so many good Spain stories I could write a book for sure. One time this skater got bricked down by this Moroccan guy at the Macba. A few skaters chased him down and beat his ass in a restaurant bathroom. Later that night some sketchy gun toting fools came around asking questions about what happened. I was only 16. It was sketchy.

9. What is your favorite New England food dish that you cannot get out here in Southern California?

Lobstah bub! The seafood is real good out there. I crave a Woopie pie or two every once in a while. Woopie pies are like giant Oreo cakes.

10. Who would win a spelling contest, you or Peter Raffin?

Peter for sure. I’m one of the worst on the planet. Spell check generation son!

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