God Save the Label Premier in Canada tomorrow!!!


There will be a Vancouver premier on the night of Thursday June 25th for the new Black Label God Save the Label video. It will be playing outside at China Creek skatepark after it gets dark, so the vid will play at around 9:45pm. Brought to you by Black Label, Ultimate Skateboard Distribution and Antisocial.

🔥 @cowboywithlazerbeams  in the O-Zone. @blacklabelskates
🔥 @stonedspork @thrashermag 📹 @19thavenue
🔥 @patrick_ryan filmed by @peacocksk8 @transworldskate @blacklabelskates
@stonedspork “Welcome to Black Label” Part is Live! Spot after Spot, Elijah Akerley Kills. @blacklabelskates Link in Bio🔥