first fridays in san jo yo!!

Straight from Jason Adams blog

so i’m finally outta my sickness funk. went skatin for the first time in three weeks friday!……later that night hooked up with the turk and checked out first fridays art walk thingy. gettin all hella artsy ya know. no wine or cheese just pockets full of tecates! thanx to the turk! intro_boozers_web.jpg

this was our first and my favorite stop of the night. the poster says it all. portraits of booze lovers.( including ben franklin ) if i had some scrilla i would have bought like ten of em.





did’nt get the artist name from the show. actually this is the only thing i saw. the gallery is really small. i spilt beer everywhere when i shot this photo. i felt like an real asshole so i ran out with my tail between me legs. what a tard!



checked out a group show at south first billiards. i thought this was really cool. all that is one wire. me_rafo_web.jpg

we ended our tour at the A.D. gallery…….by this time i’d had some beers in me, ran into old friends and totally spaced it on shooting any art. oh well…….ran into peter raffin for the second time in one day…pretty awesome.


THE END! i was a good boy. was home by 11:30! tomorrow is tuesday! hope to have a beer, bikes and board mission with the turk!

🔥🧨🚬 @stonedspork Filmed by @instapizzle @blacklabelskates
@stonedspork Double Double! Filmed by @lucero_rip @blacklabelskates