Eric Stricker R.I.P.


Eric Stricker, Dan Connolly, and Dave Ashley-

Transworld Editor Eric Stricker passed away yesterday and will be missed by many. Black Label TM Dave Ashley knew him very well and would like to say a few words.

“Some of you may know how it feels to be the new kid in school. Going someplace new, not knowing a soul, not having any friends, starting new. As we know this can be very, very difficult as people are very guarded, not letting new kids in their “cool click” and what not. You always hope for that one person who will be nice to you, show you the ropes, give you the lowdown, and so on. Stricker was that new friend to me. I moved to Southern California to work in skateboarding. I did not know anybody really. I met Eric when I first moved to Los Angeles at Transworld. Since that meeting, we were friends right from the jump. He has always helped me out work wise, life wise, and he was always there like a friend should be. Me and my girlfriend would always call him  “Frank the Tank” when he drank because he really liked having a good time. I want to just say thanks for everything Eric, you were a good friend, a great colleague, and you will be missed by many. See you up there bud.”- Dave

@stonedspork Double Double! Filmed by @lucero_rip @blacklabelskates
@patrick_ryan Getting Loose in a tight spot. Photo by @brycekanights @blacklabelskates