Dog Players in the Desert

Two old dogs and one young pup, let ‘em loose in the desert for a day dust will fly. It’s always good when a last-minute idea pans out into something productive. That’s just how it went down on a scorching day in the middle of a SoCal heatwave in early September. Why go to the desert on a 100-degree day? Why not? And so it was that—Omar Hassan dragged two of his long time known associates of shreddery out to Bakersfield and beyond. Al Partanen and Josh Borden always bring the muscle to any session, and the ancient Delano pool was the first port of call. Why the session started at 2:00 p.m. at the hottest point of the day is anyone’s guess, but with a potential bust always on the horizon it was decided to get it while the going was good and toasty. Dehydration anyone? Fortunately the hornet’s nest was avoided, gallons of water were guzzled, and the old lady in the once highfalutin hotel either croaked or she just never came out to give us the boot. It was one of those sneaky sessions that turned into a marathon and the Three Dog Players got a couple bones each.
Video by Buddy Nichols, words & photography by Mike O’Meally

@patrick_ryan Getting Loose in a tight spot. Photo by @brycekanights @blacklabelskates
Snap! @snakereuter filmed by @mrzzz
🔥🧨🚬Ghost Ride and Slide! @omarhassan Filmed by @deandradephoto