Corey Duffel & Shuriken Shannon Vs. UFC via TWS

Corey Duffel and Shuriken Shannon recently took a trip out to a UFC fight in Vegas. We tapped Shuriken and his verbal prowess for a story on the event. He hit us back with what’s below. Disclaimer: Pretty much a copy editor’s nightmare, we present to you the words of Shuriken Shannon raw and uncut. -Blair Alley


“Alright UFC Fight Recap

The UFC Baby oh yeah when i first started watching it was about a couple years ago i saw it on tv and shit was so ill pretty much first thing i flip to is dude gettin kicked in his head im like damn did that just really happen homies seeing stars, I couldn’t stop watching after that cause its just like boxing but with all the crazy martial arts mixed in with it so it a for sure knockout or someones gettin choked out its a trip i get all pumped when im watching at my house you start to think about what you would do in those situations, im just like whoop his ass punch after punch just gettin more pumped off it. So to think i get to see all this madness go down first hand im hyped cause its like goin to your first basketball game or something like that at least for me and its in vegas and its one of those fights between some legends that you’ll never see fight again word up gangsta lets do this.

ufc4 So it’s Doug Weston, Hans Molenkamp (our boy that hooked it up), The Duffman and his chick Racheal, and me and my chick ashley. So were off to vegas pimps UFC 109 Randy Couture Vs. Mark Coleman its goin down beat to the ground damn i got rhymes watch out now but anyway we get to the airport the shortest flight becomes the longest flight it got delayed an hour and a half so we get hyphy in the bar until we get on the plane then we finally got on the plane start puttin our shit away then the homie hans’s bag had a water bottle in it and this old dude sittin behind us has this nice leather hat and the water started drippin all over dude he was so bitter so theres all this madness people are gettin wet the flight attendents are tryin to clean up and were tryin to take off shit were off to a good start and because the flight delayed the fight was starting the time we landed so no time to do shit but go to the hotel which was ballin then go straight to the fight and its on like donkey kong suckaz. Oh Damn rollin up to the Mandalay Bay where the brawl at that place is so big and confusing so much shit goin down gambling, drinking, hooking, whatever you name it.

Now we finally get in our seats that are in perfect sight on the ring even better then the ballin ass seats right next to the ring where I did spot jenna jameson and one of hugh hefs chicks that he used to pimp ha shit was random but those seats were bank. ufc2

Duffman and I had a 50 dollar bet goin on who would win, I got Coleman and he’s got Couture it’s on. There was like 12 fights it was craze there was a time were these two big ass dudes goin at it and they were fighting on the ground wrestling and the whole arena was silent i mean nobody talkin and there was already a lot of people so i had a couple brews gettin hyphy and i was gettin over these two big fools just like laying on each other so im crackin jokes and im like come on suck his toe, his big one and literally everybody heard me shit echoed so far ha good times. So were goin through fights left and right there was so bad ones and there was some good ones and some really good ones and now for the main event all the lights go out im like what can’t see shit why you tryin to scare a brother at a time like this then the light show comes on and the fighters come out and it was epic, My dude comes out to this lil weezy song all g then The duffman’s dude comes out dont remember his song i just wanted my dude to win then its on then within the first three minutes my dude get choked out and its done just like just like that shit thats messed up but its g all in good fun holla.

ufc8Shuriken, Dana White, and Corey

Afterward we stuck around to meet the president of the UFC Dana White and take a photo in the ring that our homie hans hooked up but fools were tryin to hate security was havin us sayin we didnt know anybody and all this bull there like bounce we still didnt bounce then the pigs were gonna get all crazy right as the dude we were tryin to meet up with that runs that whole joint came up and was like chill im like yea best chill son ha under my breath but they felt like idiots but it was all g from there got the photo with dana saw some blood all over the ring and were out its was a good night. Thanks for everythang G’s.”

ufc7Hans Molenkamp, Shuriken, Dana, and Corey.



@stonedspork Double Double! Filmed by @lucero_rip @blacklabelskates
@patrick_ryan Getting Loose in a tight spot. Photo by @brycekanights @blacklabelskates