Bling Fest 2007

For the second year in a row we went to Active’s “Bling Fest”. Damn there we A LOT of kids there. My arm almost fell off from handing out stickers and posters. Lance threw out a board to the masses and took off, then I got lectured by three different groups that any boards would be considered a weapon and would promptly be taken by security and if we did it again our tent would be shut down. Thanks Lance. Besides that, we gave away all of our stuff too soon, some terrible bands played all day, Peter Raffin was hurt and pissed, and Slash ripped all day and got some crisp hundred dollar bills shoved in his pocket! DSC01099.jpgSome shitty band DSC01102.jpgThere were a lot of people! DSC01105.jpgLance hard at work DSC01106.jpgBlow your wad too soon and everybody leaves DSC01107.jpgRVCA had a signing next to us (that’s Ethan Fowler under all that hair!) DSC01111.jpgMC J. Stone on one mic… DSC01112.jpg…and Muska is holdin down the other DSC01115.jpgSlash with a kick flip 50-50 DSC01121.jpgWhere did Raffin come from? DSC01124.jpgLance was loving it! DSC01126.jpgMumma showed up and ate Doritos DSC01129.jpgHosoi was there with his kids DSC01134.jpgThe line is ready to attack! DSC01137.jpgMike V. is a rock star! DSC01139.jpgThe Muska hyping up the crowd WHOOT WHOOT! DSC01144.jpgSlash is in the green room DSC01146.jpgHat Club for Men – Slash and Gareth DSC01154.jpgAdam Dyet one the best trick with a nollie bigspin heel flip back lipslide down the double set rail (it didn’t even look real!) DSC01157.jpgCasey misses the Captain Maybe next year we’ll pace ourselves on the giveaways so we have something to do all day.Thanks to Active for having us out!

🔥🧨🚬 @stonedspork Filmed by @instapizzle @blacklabelskates
@stonedspork Double Double! Filmed by @lucero_rip @blacklabelskates