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Happy birthday Javan!

Defect Mag

Label Underground Brandon Perelson has the cover and an interview in the premier issue of DEFECT MAG! What is DEFECT MAG you may ask? Well read the press release and find out:

After numerous months of dedication and hard work, our friends at DEFECT MAG have officially launched the premiere issue of their highly interactive mobile media zine packed with raw skateboarding content for our digital world and busy lives. Issue #1 includes interviews with Brandon Perelson, Anthony Acosta and Jason Jessee along with photo-heavy articles and heaps of other cool features. DEFECT is published quarterly and each issue is set to deliver great interviews, brilliant design and navigation, vivid action photography and interactive features which specifically, includes video, audio and user-activated animated pieces.

Ready to stoke and inspire both at home and on the road, DEFECT mag fits in your pocket and is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation) and iPad (not pocket worthy). *Note- Cross platform development is in the works to include Android users for DEFECT’s second issue. You can download the free app viewer and the first issue right here at the iTunes Store. What are you waiting for?

The Blender Series

Black Label Skateboards would like to announce The Blender Series featuring original art by Neil Blender. The series includes boards from legendary skaters Omar Hassan, Matt Hensley, Salman Agah, and Wade Speyer on custom shapes! Get Hot! Get Label!

Chris Troy How to Fakie Nose Blunt

Boy…Chris Troy really wants to help you skate better! This time he’s got a trick tip from TWS. Here’s how you do a fakie bonk to nose blunt on a quarter pipe.

Chris Troy How to Backside Nosegrind Revert

Learn a new trick each and every day from top pros. You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to master every trick in skateboarding! Tune in seven days a week to learn something new.

Today Chris Troy shows you how to do Backside Nosegrind Reverts.

@stonedspork 🔥🌊 Surf and Destroy! Pacific City, Oregon. @dreamlandskateparks @blacklabelskates
🔥Cruise Control @snakereuter Filmed by @czwyse @blacklabelskates
@patrick_ryan Kicked and Dipped. Photo by @victoriamoura @tolagoseltz @blacklabelskates