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HB Park final days

For those of you that don’t know the legendary park in Huntington Beach CA. is being torn down soon so the school can renovate the near by track and football field. (And to get rid of those rotten skateboarders!) I heard it was the final day last thursday so I went to get my final licks in and I was stoked to see the mayor of HB park ripping it up! I mean none other than Ed Templeton. I even ran into Blair and Mike Fitz from Transworld and they took me out to dinner afterward. (thanks for the pizza and beer guys!) This park opened in 1994 and it’s seen more action than most parks that are way bigger and possibly way better. Sure it was a small stupid excuse for a skatepark, but it sure was fun and it will be missed. -Nagy


Ed feebles the roller coaster


History lesson


Local Kid nollie flips all day long


Fitz bs flip

Big boss man at work

Here at Black Label everyone has to do their part and maybe a little extra. Here we find Big John building completes. GET BACK TO WORK LUCERO!!!






The fruits of labor

Chris Troy day at the Berrics

Went up to the Berrics for a day of skating with Chris Troy, Kenny Hoyle and Mike. A few surprise guest showed up to skate which made the day quite a fun day indeed. Fan out at the Berrics! -Lance


Top of the bagel to ya!

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Diamond Dave Fridays

Indy tour @ Pier Park Oregon

Indy tour @ Pier Park Oregon


@stonedspork 🔥🌊 Surf and Destroy! Pacific City, Oregon. @dreamlandskateparks @blacklabelskates
🔥Cruise Control @snakereuter Filmed by @czwyse @blacklabelskates
@patrick_ryan Kicked and Dipped. Photo by @victoriamoura @tolagoseltz @blacklabelskates