Last Times at Carlsbad Gap Contest


Lucero & I met up with Hensley and some of the guys down in Carlsbad for the Last Times at Carlsbad Gap Am contest. -NagyDSC04844

Tech Deck Carlsbad gap at the bottom of the actual gap. (Zach Wallin smashed it on a switch front 360 attempt)


Steering wheel cam! Chris Troy claims it’s 3D but it just looks like 2 Flip cameras on a weird holder to me.


Chris Troy, BLOG WARS!


Too old to jump this down thing – Svitak, Hensley, Rhino


Way too old to jump down this thing – Lucero & J.Stone


Afterward we stopped by Hensley’s Pub for some brews and a sandwich. Mmmm good times.

If you want see all of the carnage and results check out Transworld for all of the details.


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