A couple shots from Make A Wish 2008

This years Make A Wish event is the first Johnny Romano Annual benefit. Ron went down there and set up the tent, shook some hands, and snapped a couple photos.

makeawish2008 2

The Label tent was BANGIN’!

makeawish2008 7

I think I see Ryan Clements and Billy Marks in there.

makeawish2008 10

Over to the bowl we have a Nyjah look alike.

makeawish2008 13

Chris Cole is about to hit the bench. Action shots rule!

makeawish2008 15

All my exes live in Texas.

@patrick_ryan Love Seat Smith. Photo @chrisclicksdigital @blacklabelskates
🔥Heavy Acid Drop! @stonedspork @blacklabelskates
@snakereuter Front Blunt. @blacklabelskates Photo @collier.ott