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Black Label @ Tampa Pro!


Black Label pros Shuriken Shannon and Chris Troy are at Tampa Pro this weekend. Hopefully they make it to the finals so you can watch them on the live broadcast at

Checkin’ in with Chris Troy @ ESPN


You can see it here.

Jason Adams & Chet Childress @ Thrasher’s Double Rock


R.I.P. Corey Haim

Lost Boys and License To Drive were sick!

Corey Duffel & Shuriken Shannon Vs. UFC via TWS

Corey Duffel and Shuriken Shannon recently took a trip out to a UFC fight in Vegas. We tapped Shuriken and his verbal prowess for a story on the event. He hit us back with what’s below. Disclaimer: Pretty much a copy editor’s nightmare, we present to you the words of Shuriken Shannon raw and uncut. -Blair Alley Continue reading