Monthly Archives: March 2010

San Francisco Seconds with Vince


Adidas has up a new video "San Francisco Seconds" to go along with "Stand Up San Francisco" featuring Vince and the rest of the crew.

Wes Kremer’s Speakerphone

Wes Kremer and Shuriken went out to Vegas recently. Here is Wes’s side of the story.

Off the board: Jason Adams via TWS


Jason talks about his art at Transworld Skateboarding.

Black Label makes the move to Blitz Distribution!


You can now find Black Label at Blitz Distribution as well!

Tampa Pro 2010: An Interview With Shuriken Shannon via Fuel

I interrupted Mr. Shannon’s Metal Gear game to make him answer a bunch of new questions. Putting the “black” in Black Label? Being Flavor Flav’s nephew? Old news. I wanted to find out exactly how he was training for the upcoming Tampa Pro contest. Was he mentally preparing? Hitting the parks? Dialing tricks? The answer, not surprisingly, was…playing Metal Gear. —Adam Sullivan Continue reading