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Happy Birthday Chet!!!

Happy Birthday Chet!!! Hope you feel better tomorrow!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Up The Crooks!

Up The Crooks! has a whole page and video segment up for the one and only Luda!


Vince Del Valle in Skateboarder!

Swiped from Mikendos blog-

When I picked up Vince to shoot this sequence, its one of the first time’s I met him. He didn’t say anything the entire time in the car. I was thinking, “This is gonna be weird..” Found out later, he was a little stoney and was well.. just retarded. So, after time wore on and things wore off he was a talkative little pup and is super rad to hang out with! Thanks to Vince and Skateboarder for running this photo!

Somewhere in America…

Somewhere in America…