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Diamond Dave Fridays

Diamond Dave Fridays Whole lot of Dave goin’ on…


Re-Chedit 2

Re-Chedit 2 Over at you can catch one of Luda’s more recent video parts redone ala Crooked style!


Jason Adams turned art fag

Jason Adams turned art fag is up on as well. Get happy!



One of San Jose’s favorite sons, Jason Adams is on the verge of another illustrious career in art? Or is he? If you talk to Jason you’ll find out quickly that hindsight is his companion. “The Kid” learned by his elders around the watering holes of Silicon Valley what it means to differentiate oneself unto ones own personal end. Still a staunch individual we have a feeling that hindsight is at work again within “The Kid” so keep a look out for this lad cause he’s out to feed some babies and we all know that babies mean business!


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Shuriken Going Pro

Salman wanted me to let you know that “Shuriken Going Pro” is now available in online form over at

What can we say? We don’t know a whole helluva lot about Shuriken. We heard through the grapevine that Flavor Flav is his uncle and we know that he rips on a skateboard. Oh yeah and he’s the first black skater to get sponsored by Black Label. Whatever the case in his chapter there is some high tech imagery of the “Angry Black” getting down. Shuiken’s Bio

Watkins On Ambiguous

Ambiguous Clothing is proud to welcome Peter Watkins to the Skate Team. Despite being an all around terror on his skateboard (see the last couple issues of Thrasher for proof)
Peter is pretty much the nicest most humble dude ever so we are stoked to have him onboard.

Look for Peter’s part in the new BLACK LABEL video “God Save the Label” as well as his debut Ambiguous ad out soon….